MLD is finally in the works. We are currently neck-deep in pre-production madness, and loving every minute!


Join us on the journey to launch this wonderful project, starting with the Teaser which is below, and on our VIDEO page.  We are continuing with the promotional campaign to spread the word about MLD. We can't give you too many details just yet, but we'll be posting behind-the-scenes sneak peeks until the release of the teaser.  


A big shout-out to the talented Laura Gutierrez-Spencer of Mano Productions, our partner-in-crime on this new adventure. Thank you for trusting us with you baby ;)


So keep visiting us, lovely supporters, as always comments and greetings are greatly appreciated. We promise to have some MLD updates soon. In the meantime check out our casting calls and help us spread the word. Maybe you can be featured in our teaser!





Marcela in the Makeup Chair







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Magic Love Dust, Teaser Is done and Online.

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Quimera Full movie on line.  CHECK IT OUT ONLINE NOW!